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The Olivetti Foundation believes in Art as the purest expression of the human being, and it is through it that we can show a more sensitive vision of the world around us through ideas, emotions, perceptions and sensations. The personal and spiritual enrichment that people experience through art strengthens their ethical and moral values that make life in society possible, and their learning can be the perfect framework to practice mutual respect, acquire habits of coexistence and prepare the person for their responsible participation as part of citizenship.

Music has an enormous transforming power in people's lives, this power when recognized and experienced at an early age of the individual, opens his intellect and his sensitivity to life, thus planting aesthetic values in the soul and teaches him to appreciate the beautiful, the noble and the sensitive of what surrounds him and of life. 


The Olivetti Foundation's main objective is to develop cultural activities aimed at young people and help them in their artistic, personal and spiritual growth by promoting love, justice, equality, respect, effort, study, solidarity and thus help communities. via los youths that make it up through the arts.

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